Post Event


Ashenvale Staff
Miembro del equipo
I will explain how the Post event will be.

* They must make posts at least on 5 different sides. They can be groups of facebooks, forums, instagrams, all places where the L2 community is managed
* They must contain all kinds of server information, rates, web, chronicle, social networks, etc.
* You can participate twice a month. If they try to participate more than 1 time they can be punished with any type of sanction that the staff considers necessary.
* Prizes are delivered on the 1st and 15th of each month.
* I have to speak to Jorah to the Discord privately.
* The post must contain some image of our Din server.
* Anyone can participate and we deliver 30 Ashenvale Coins.

People who help us will always have a small reward.

Ashenvale Staff